We Are Hiring Voice Over Artist

Need an English Voice Over Artist for Explainer Videos

1. Language – English 

2. Qualifications – Entry Level Internship

3. Skills – Good Command Over English, Modulation, and Voice Editing 


  1. Record audios for a YouTube Channel
  2. Quality check of the scripts
  3. Make the script sound believable, viewers friendly, and sincere
  4. Keep your voice healthy by staying properly hydrated 
  5. Record with industry-standard or equivalent voice recording software
  6. Voice editing skills – Noise cancellation and creating a finalized, polished, clutter-free audio


  • A person should be having experience in recording using software such as Adobe Audition, Audacity (or any equivalent software)
  • Good command of English Voice Overs.
  • Knowledge of voice levels and modulations.

Follow the guidelines provided in the document 

Voice Over



  1. Record the script and send your recording along with your resume to help.indiashastra@gmail.com with the title Application for Voice Over Artist.
  2. Your sample will be compared with other applicants and the most suitable applicant will be selected.
  3. The offer is on a contractual basis, you will get ₹ 300-600 for 600-700 words depending on your skill level.
  4. Job: You will be provided with a script, you have to work on the script, practice, make necessary changes, and record the audio. Edit the audio, remove unnecessary and repeated words, cancel the noise, make necessary changes and modulations, and send the final audio. 

Script for Voice Assessment –> Click Me


2 thoughts on “We Are Hiring Voice Over Artist”

  1. I’m interested for this Voice over internship.
    I have done several ad vo and youtube video vo’s

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