[RESULTS] UPSC Prelims Result 2019 Are Out – I Failed Now What?


UPSC CSE PRELIMS 2019 Results Are Out

UPSC prelims 2019 results are out. UPSC announced the results of civil services preliminary exam – 2019 on 13th July 2019. If you have not checked your result, you can check it here- in this pdf 


If You Have Cracked Prelims and Qualified For Mains

The DAF for the CSE, 2019, will be available on the website of the UPSC (https://upsconline.nic.in) from 01/08/2019 (Thursday) to 16/08/2019 (Friday) till 6:00 P.M.

Now less than 70 days are remaining for mains. Here I will tell you some practical tips that you should remember before appearing for mains.

  1. You have 70 days in your hand now the most important thing here is planning.
  2. Hopefully, you have your notes with you for each subject.
  3. This is not time to read something new. Revise what you have learnt earlier.
  4. Though smaller topics like Disaster Management, Internal Security and so on can be completed in this time.
  5. Remember SPEECLIH while writing essays. It stands for social, political, economic, environmental, cultural, legal, international and historical aspects of a topic.
  6. You should be ready with 200-250 words for each and every topic of syllabus.
  7. Practice answer writing. Practice = Perfection
  8. While writing GS answers, remember that your conclusion should not be more than 10-15% of your answer.
  9. You can define keyword or write fact while writing a conclusion.
  10. A conclusion can be just a single line, do not leave it. Can cause a bad impression on examiner and a few marks in upcoming questions.
  11. Good presentation is key- underline keywords – make the job of examiner easier.
  12. Consolidate you are optional. Optional can be a game changer. Last year’s topper
  13. Kanishak Kataria got 350+ marks in his optional. So you can realise, how important is optional.
  14. GS1-4 + Essays + Optional = 1750 Marks. Try to score more. impress the examiner with simple writing and good presentation.

Watch: How you can use mind maps in mains exam here.

If You Have Failed to Crack Prelims

You just don’t Give up. I know it is difficult to start from point zero. It is hard to get up and toil hard and burn the midnight oil. But there is a reason why you are here. There is a reason why you started in the first place.

Just remember the day when you started your preparation and remember why you started.

After all the effort you put in, after reading n number of books n number of times you still fall short. Believe me when I say you can never predict UPSC. UPSC tests your metal – patience, determination, persistence, will power.

We all know UPSC is unpredictable and it will test our patience, persistent, mental strength and we have to also prove to us that none of UPSC unpredictability can stop us from our Dream.

So my friend, take a while, take a day or two off. Analyse what went wrong, make a list what should have you done better.

Identify things that took you away from your goal. Minimise them. Do things that will take you one step closer to your goal from now onwards.

Start from where you are with what you have, make something of it and never be satisfied.

So those who have failed should

  1. Take 2-3 days off
  2. Analyse what went wrong
  3. List out your mistakes
  4. Devise a strategy for next year
  5. Leave no stone unturned
  6. Do not repeat those mistakes
  7. Watch this video

Watch: Click Image

[RESULTS] UPSC Prelims Result 2019 Are Out - I Failed Now What? 1


  1. Hi sir, I didn’t clear Upsc prelims this time. I think I didn’t prepare well especially csat. Which is the best source for csat except previous year question papers.


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