UPSC CSE 2019: How Successful Candidate Plan their Preparation?


If you fail to plan you are planning to fail

The good UPSC CSE study plan is all about chunking out your preparation time among various subjects. It is the schedule of your study goals. All the papers for the exam are important. You don’t want to do a PhD in polity and governance and score zero in internal security. Every topic under UPSC CSE syllabus deserves adequate time.

How to Plan for UPSC CSE?

Also, it is about how you plan your day; week; month and year during preparation. You have to set goals and a deadline for every goal. Yes, the deadline is important. Want to know why? See the image.

Ask yourself, How you are going to cover the various topics of the syllabus? How you are going to make notes? Also, how you will manage time and resources efficiently. Most importantly many of us fail because they do not include test series in our plan. Do not make that stupid mistake, practice test you will see yourself in the list.

Also, dedicate slots for revisions. Be wise and revise. Repetition is the key. Again, read 1 book 10 times. Believe me, every time you will get different insights. Teach somebody who is in need. Knowledge is the only thing that increases if you give it to others.

Why Plan for UPSC CSE?

Every battle is won before it is fought.

  1. It will give you positive energy and confidence. Try to accomplish a minimum of 80% of your goal.
  2. You will be focussed.
  3. It will make you accountable for your actions (good quality to have as CSE aspirant)

Finally, Do Not be Overambitious

Do not make a study plan of 18 hours a day. Be realistic and set your own limits. Remember, making a study plan and not executing it is even more demoralizing than not having a plan.

Break a big goal in small chunks and tick them as you move along. May God bless you and you achieve what you dream.

Do plan your studies. Almost all toppers have done so. Here I have posted an example of a study plan. It is the plan of UPSC CSE 2015 Air #1 Tina Dabi. So you get the idea.


PS: Make your own plan. I have shared this image so you get little idea about planning. PPS: Thanks for reading. DM for any query.



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