UPSC Exam 2020: Revised Syllabus and Changes in Exam Pattern? Do CSE Aspirants Need to Worry?


UPSC revised the syllabus for combined Geoscientist and Geologist examination. This changes will take effect from the year 2020 onwards.

UPSC has released the notification regarding the same – notification included the decision to revise the scheming, pattern and syllabus of the GEO SCIENTIST and GEOLOGIST EXAMINATION and not UPSC CSE.

What has changed?

  • Name: The nomenclature of this Examination has been changed to “Combined Geo-Scientist Examination” in place of “Combined Geo-Scientist and Geologist Examination”.
  • Pattern: There will a three-tier examination pattern i.e.
    1. Stage-I : Preliminary Examination
    2. Stage-II : Main Examination
    3. Stage-III : Personality Test.
  • Preliminary Examination will screen the candidates for taking the Main Examination (Stage–II).
  • The Preliminary Examination will be of objective type having two Papers. Marks secured in this Examination will be counted for deciding the final merit.
  • The Preliminary Examination will be a Computer Based Examination.
  • The Main Examination will have three Papers for each Stream and all Papers will be of descriptive type. Marks secured in this Examination will be counted for deciding the final merit.
  • Existing General English Paper has been discontinued.
  • The Revised Scheme, Pattern and Syllabi of the Examination will be made effective from the 2020 Examination to give sufficient preparation time to the aspirants.

Does Civil Servant Aspirant Need to Worry?

Simply no. As I saw in the comment section of YouTube – someone asked is UPSC Syllabus changed?


Now UPSC does not conduct only the civil services exam. It has other jobs also – UPSC conducts the exam for CAPF, CDS, medical officers and so on and so forth.

If Syllabus is Not Change Why This Post? 

The whole purpose of writing this is to as a beginner- one gets tempted by such news. They do research and analysis and waste their time.

If something changes in UPSC CSE syllabus and pattern it will be BIG CHANGE and widespread news.

UPSC will also give aspirants time to adapt to this change. So do not fall prey to SPECULATIONS – like syllabus is changed and all “optional is going to change from next year, let us not prepare it as of now.” “ Let us see what happens in 2-3 months and then I will study.”

Believe me, you will end up wasting a lot of time thinking about such things, Instead focus that time on productive study.

So my humble request is not to fall prey to such speculations. That is the purpose- to alert you.

Now if you are, Candidates desirous to take UPSC Geologist Exam and qualify to give this exam, apologies for this GYAAN you can find out notification here. 


  1. Hello.. I couldn’t download the complied mains question papers chapterwise for GS … Could u please tell me where can I find the PDF…


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