PDF Membership Program 2021 India Shastra


Here you will get PDF Membership where you can download approximately 1000 pages of notes which can help you in revision. Check the sample notes before joining.

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Access all revision notes of the static syllabus in the mind map, table, or outline format.

What is the Difference Between PDF Membership Program and UPSC Prelims 2021 Course?

PDF Membership Program 2021 is 70-80% similar to the signature PDF Membership Program of 2020. Simply put, the PDF Membership program contains 1000 pages of revision notes for prelims as well as mains. Notes are mainly in typed mind maps, outline, and table format which are helpful in revision for prelims, where each subtopic will be covered in 1-2 pages. Link to enroll in PDF Membership for 2021.

Whereas UPSC Prelims 2021 Course consists of 12 modules, each module consists of GS Notes and Current Affairs notes and ends with the test on that specific module mentioned in the schedule. GS Notes are different than PDF Membership notes. Mostly notes will be handwritten scanned mind maps, you can see the sample in the product description. GS Notes will cover important NCERTs and Standard Books in one page. You will also get current affairs notes in this program. Link to enroll for UPSC Prelims 2021.

GS Mind Maps Course 2021
PDF Membership Program 2021
Good for conceptual clarity
Good for quick revision
Mostly NCERTs
Mostly standard books
Mostly handwritten
Mostly typed
Mind Map only
Table format, outline, maps and sometimes mind maps
₹ 1499
₹ 1999
  1. For better clarity check the samples of both programs


  • Delivery Mode: Online
  • Since this is a membership program, you will not get all the PDFs at once.
  • Validity: 31st May 2021
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