PDF Membership Program

Kindly read this PAGE till the end before you make any judgement.

First of all, nothing has changed- videos were already free and they will always remain free. Blogs were free and they will always remain free.

So why this Program? If you wish to take the maximum out of the videos, to plan your preparation and study-time table better, and to organise your notes efficiently so revision becomes easier and so on and so forth. Read more below.

What is PDF Membership Program?

It is a paid membership program for limited members* for 400 days in less than 2 rs per day.

Here you will get One PDF for 1 Rs. You will get more than 1000 printables pages spanning over a period of one year until September 2020 on membership platform.

You will get Videos link + Revision Notes + Mentorship + Organisation Tips and Access to Membership channel till September 2020.

All you have to do is to Focus on Self-Study, Reading Books- again and again, Newspaper Reading, MCQ solving and Answer Writing.


What You Will Get in PDF Membership Program?

  • Approximately 1000 printable pages. i.e. 1 Notes/ 1 ₹
  • Over 1000 pages of notes for revision and organisation.
  • PDF notes soon after the video is released
  • Important topics from each NCERT in Table Format
  • Topic-wise current affairs with mind-maps for mains revision
  • Topic-wise segregated notes for revision
  • Topic-wise segregated mains and prelims question.
  • An advance schedule of upcoming videos
  • Also planners and printable for better organisation of the study
  • How to read some books guidance in PDF format
  • Revision notes with Mind-Maps and flow charts ONLY IMPORTANT TOPICS
  • Single page notes of ONLY IMPORTANT TOPICS from the static syllabus
  • Single page notes of ONLY IMPORTANT TOPICS from the current affairs
  • Revision notes for Prelims and Mains
  • Regular snippets from the videos that you are bound to forget. So revision becomes easier.
  • Access to Membership Platform for approximately 400 days i.e Till 30th September 2020.

Payment Link


In short, you will get PDFs of the notes. You will get somewhere around 1000 PAGES OVER 400 DAYS till MAINS 2020. You can expect 500+ PDF documents –

  • More than 1000 notes for 1000 ₹ i.e. less than 1 ₹ / notes
  • Access to Membership Platform Channel for 400 days- where I will share study tips and how you can use this material i.e. also less approximately 2 ₹/day.
  • You will get daily study tip that you can apply in your preparations
  • You will get Videos + Revision Notes + Guidance. You just have to focus on Self-Study, Reading Books again and again, and Newspaper Reading, Answer Writing and MCQs Solving.


Now Here is What You Do NOT Get in PDF Membership Program

  • Any guarantee that QUESTIONS will be asked from these materials in the examination
  • Any future promises that I will include test series and all. I don’t have any further plan, I just want to HELP SERIOUS ASPIRANTS and make my contribution.
  • Any promise that you will get PERSONAL ASSISTANCE
  • Any guarantee that I will cover ALL General Studies topics, I will cover only IMPORTANT TOPICS from UPSC perspective
  • Any promise that I will make videos covering all books and all. This membership is about PDF support and not about videos. YouTube videos are already free and will always remain FREE. Though you will get the schedule of YouTube videos in advance.

Now Some Things That I Wish To Tell You

  • No material can replace NCERTs + Standard Books + Newspaper. If you want to crack this exam and get into civil services focus on them.
  • I will help you with REVISION and timely GUIDANCE with TIPS
  • All material will be printable document format i.e. PDF
  • Also, watch videos on YouTube because these printouts and videos go hand in hand they can complement each other. If you are watching my videos, which will always remain free on YouTube then these notes are like CLASS NOTES. Period.
  • All notes are arranged topic wise so it will be easier for you to organize them
  • On every page, you will get free space to UPDATE your notes
  • Kindly do not SHARE material, It will kill the MOTIVATION to help. Those who have not shared will complain. Don’t know I might change my mind about the program. You want to crack the exam so better keep it straight and do not get in that mode for one year. It is your hard-earned money. Kindly focus on preparation and make your this attempt worth it.
  • You will get CONCISE notes MOSTLY in a single page, COVERING ENTIRE TOPIC in some cases 4-5 pages.
  • Content will be in the English language.
  • Do not share these PDFs on Telegram or another platform- it may lead to SUSPENSION WITHOUT WARNING.
  • Why not bulky notes and entire coverage? the number of pages will increase your burden. So we will keep it minimum. And these notes will be revision friendly, and you do not need bulky notes you have NCERTs and Standard Books for that. Read them no material can replace them.

Membership Fees: ₹999 + GST

  • i.e. ~ 2 Rs Per Day

So are you in or what?

Shut up, just take the money and give me access – I am in.

Pay Now

No, tell me more

These Are Sample Notes

Membership 1

Download Sample

  • password: motherearth


For better quality download PDF.

I am Reluctant to Join

If you are RELUCTANT TO JOIN its OK all the content on website and youtube channel will always remain free. Also, I promise that my dedication and attitude will not change.

Though consider joining this program if you can AFFORD. 

It is just 2 ₹ per day. You are getting VIDEOS for free and if you wish to utilise these videos to the maximum these PDF notes will help you.

Note: If these videos are helping you in any way you can even consider this as a contribution to YouTube channel

What is the Difference Between Blog Post and Notes

  • The blog is for general reading, the notes are for the specific topics.
  • The blog may run up to 5-6 pages if you wish to take printouts the notes will cover that topic in 1-2 pages.
  • Blogs are for understanding purpose, they are similar to the chapter of your standard book or NCERTs whereas notes are for revision purposes
  • Blogs are free and notes are part of the membership program.

Your Contribution Can Make the Difference

It will help this website and channel sustain for LONGER. As your demand and expectations are high and I don’t want to provide SECONDARY CONTENT your contribution can make the difference

Since I need a helping hand and these editors are mean they do not wish to work for free. So your contribution can help our community.

There is no doubt that VIDEOS ON YOUTUBE AND BLOGS will be FREE FOREVER. Even though the COST of maintaining BLOGS and DAILY VIDEO SCHEDULE is beyond my capacity. That’s why I said your contribution can make a difference.

If you wish to make a contribution email us at- connect.indiashastra.com.

If you cannot afford no issues go ahead and subscribe to YouTube Channel named Indiashastra and read blog posts. We will always love you.

Thank you.




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