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We have intentionally not provided option to download certain PDFs, though it does not mean you cannot download nay of the PDFs. You can download Current Affairs PDFs without any restriction, you can download checklists, you can download test series question papers and explanation PDFs. Usually PDFs that run into more than 3-4 pages are downloadable while other PDFs are not.

So what you cannot download? some static notes are not available for download, most of the PDFs that we have uploaded contain a lot of information in one or two pages. The idea is simple you have to scribble what is there on PDFs on your own with your own handwriting on A4 sheet. This will help you even better as it is your own handwriting and you are using your senses while reading and writing, so it will result in better understanding of the topic.

Moreover it won’t take your time as it is only a page everyday. You will also develop a knack of making good notes or mind maps. It is not much of a task to provide a download option, but we want more engagement from you, otherwise these PDFs will get downloaded and rot in your PCs ROM or mobile memory. 

Prelims Course 2021 along with PDF Membership Course, both of these courses are valid till Prelims 2021. Generally we upload 1-2 PDFs every day or even more than that. You can get schedule of Prelims Course PDF upload down below or on the course page.

Schedule of PDF Membership will be available (or it is available by the time you read this thread) under my courses section if you have enrolled.

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