India China Border Dispute Explained


Hey readers in this post you will learn about the India China border disputes. India and China got independence approximately at the same time, China liberated its economy in 1977 where India was late (1991) to do so. Both countries are largest growing economies. Dragon and elephant go along in some circumstances (areas of cooperation ex. trade and WTO stands) but in some circumstances they fight (areas of confrontation ex. border dispute.) Here we are focusing on confrontation zone and one aspect of that is border disputes.

Background – India China Border Dispute

India and China share a long border of almost 3500km. But the fact is that no official boundary has ever been agreed between thetwo countries. This lead to several territorial disputes If you look at the map Aksai China is controlled by China but claimedby India.

Whereas ARUNACHAL PRADESH is controlled by India but claimed by China. This has lead to the confusion. Also, the disputes over the area led the two countries to go to war in 1962.

So let us dig deeper and find out the geopolitics of India China border disputes.

Timeline of India China Boundary Dispute in Short

  • 1947: When Britishers left India in 1947, they left Sino Indian border disputes Unresolved.
  • 1949: When China became independent in 1949 talks started to solve border disputes.
  • 1955: both countries agreed to make new boundaries. But talks failed over demarcation of the border as both played wait game.
  • 1962: China attacked India; India because of non modernised military was unable to retaliate back. later India started modernising its military which helped India in 1965 war against PAKISTAN

Now going back to border disputes India and China has disputes in 3 Sectors.


Each having their own strategic importance.

India China border dispute – indiashastra


  • According to China, India occupies 50000 sq. mile of Chinese territory
  • They see Arunachal Pradesh as Southern Tibet. Sometimes the claim entire AP or at times just Tawang tract.

Talking about its significance,

There are many Buddhist monasteries (culture and tourism). Also Tawang is known as granary of Tibet. As it is the only fertile track in vicinity.


This is another disputed territory. Only in 2003 China accepted Sikkimas Indian territory. Here there are some disputed pockets alongside UK and HP.


India accuses Ching of occupying 38000 sq miles of Indian territory since 1962 War. Known as Aksai chin. China says it is extention of tibet plateau whereas India says it is extention of Ladakh plateau. Though region is mostly inhabited.

Aksai chin is important for China as it connects two backward provinces of Ching ie. Tibet and Xinjiang. Also, China has control over Shak gang valley which was gifted to China by Pakistan. Furthermore, Shakgam valley is part of Gilgit Baltistan.

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