This topic is important for UPSC under GS II International relations – Important International institutions, agencies, for a (structure, mandate); Bilateral, Regional, Global groupings & Agreements (involving and/or affecting India)

Notes on IAEA

  • What is it? IAEA is world Nuclear watchdog
  • AKA: Also, known as —> Atoms for Peace and Development
  • Forum: World’s central intergovernmental forum (scientific and technical cooperation)
  • Why?  Works for the safe, secure and peaceful use of nuclear tech.
  • History: Established as an autonomous organisation. IAEA reports to the UNGA and Security Council.
  • Where? established in 1957 and its HQ is in Vienna, Austria
  • Members: 171 member states.
  • Achievement: Former Director General of IAEA, Mohamed El Baradei, were jointly awarded the Nobel Peace Prize in 2005

What is Atoms for Peace?

Origin: It is a programme. We can find its origin in the speech of Dwight Eisenhower (US President) at the UNGA in 1953.

In his speech, Eisenhower proposed the peaceful use of nuclear technology. i.e. Use of atomic energy for the benefits of mankind.

Result: The nuclear technology was made available to other countries for peaceful use.

Countries like India, Pakistan and Iran took advantage and utilised the opportunity to build peaceful nuclear programmes.

Examples for use of Atomic energy for Peace

  • Use radiations to treat cancer
  • A clean source of energy
  • Environment – No GHG emissions for energy production

IAEA and Health

the IAEA helps the states to utilise radiation and radio-isotopes in diagnosis and treatment of diseases like Cancer.

Now let us learn about IAEA Safeguards

What are IAEA Safeguards?

Safeguards are activities under which IAEA verifies if member states are adhering to its international commitments, such as, not using nuclear technology for atom bombs.

This system gives an early warning in case the state does not abide by its commitments.

IAEA also carry out special on-site inspections under the safeguard agreements.




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