Gender Equality | GS1 | Social Issues


Gender Equality | GS1 | Social Issues

  • No country in the world is on the track to achieve Gender Equality by the year 2030 (SDG Gender Index)
  • Cultural values – (Patriarchal Society) limited role as homemaker with status of mother, sister and wife
  • Gender equality studied in isolation – The crime against boys and men go
    unreported, even this group should be studied.\
  • The laws made are gender biased rather than gender neutral laws.
  • Hardly any practical steps for political representation of women
  • Gender exploitation in unorganised sector go unrecorded.
  • Gender equality should encompass men and women both.
  •  Study limited to women empowerment rather than youth empowerment.
  • Gender Neutral laws.
  • Article 14 => Equality before law for women
  • Article 15 =>The state to make positive discrimination for the equality to women.
  • Beti Bachao Beti Padhao= Address declining child sex ratio, improve the efficiency of welfare services.
  • ASHA and Anganwadi services
  • Maternity Benefit Amendment act= Increased the duration of paid maternity from 12 weeks to 26 weeks for both formal and informal workplace.
  • National Nutrition Mission= Improvement in nutritional status of children, adolescent girls, pregnant women and lactating mothers.
  • Favouring women gives rise to inequality in society so even men should be given avenues.
  • Need of change in societal mindset. Men and women should respect each other.
  • Real education begins at home. So it is even duty of parents and teachers to incorporate healthy values right from the young age.

What is Gender Equality? In ancient India, women were held in high esteem. What are the major issues and debates concerning women in the 21st Century and compare the position of women in the society in the 21st Century with Ancient times with suitable examples?  250 words

Guidelines and Hints

  • Gender Equality: Ending all discrimination against women
  • Ancient India: Mother Goddess, Yakshini,
  • Contribution in literature, art, etc
  • Challenges: Purdah system, dowry, and the sati
  • Today’s Challenges: patriarchy, political representation, customary practices
  • Domestic Violence, Rape, Sexual Exploitation, molestation, eve-teasing, forced prostitution, sexual harassment at workplaces, poor healthcare etc
  • Futuristic approach: human resource etc

Build fodder that you can utilise in the exam.


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