CPEC – Understanding China Pakistan Economic Corridor and Why China Loves Pakistan 2019

Technically CPEC is a collection of infrastructure projects currently under construction throughout PoK and Pakistan.


Hey readers, in this post you will understand what the CPEC i.e. China Pakistan Economic Corridor is?  Also, you will know-

  1. What CPEC is?
  2. Why China and Pakistan relation is thriving?
  3. Why China is interested in Pakistan?
  4. Also, you will know what is India’s stand on CPEC?

So, let us dive in.

Why So Much Love For Pakistan?

  • Pakistan acted as a bridge for the US and China during Cold War periods.
  • Pakistan provides ports to China. Since China wants to emerge as world power. It needs to consolidate its stronghold in Asia.
  • Islamic world provides world oil. So it becomes easier for China to reach out to West Asia through Pakistan.
  • Enemy of an enemy is a friend. Historically speaking after independence India had war with only two countries i.e. China 1962 and Pakistan (1947,1965,1971 and 1999).

To conclude, China loves Pakistan and one of the products of their relationship is CPEC.

What is the China Pakistan Economic Corridor?

Technically CPEC is a collection of infrastructure projects currently under construction throughout PoK and Pakistan. Accordingly, China is investing in industrial power, expressways, ports and energy stations.


It serves the geopolitical interest of China and the economic interest of Pakistan. CPEC connects Kashgar in China to Gwadar in Pakistan. Talking about numbers, total investment is quoted around 46 billion dollars.

#1. CPEC is part of OBOR i.e. One Belt One Road initiative of China. Furthermore, OBOR has two components.

  1. First is sea component Maritime Silk Route
  2. Second is a land component i.e. Silk Road Economic Belt

#2. Tackling Extremism

Notably, China is facing Islamic extremism in Xinjiang province from Uyghur ethnic community. The Uyghurs are a Turkic ethnicity and they are not happy with China. Because compared to the East China Xinjiang province is underdeveloped. Also, Uyghur extremists have established good relations with other Pakistani extremist groups like Al-Qaeda, Taliban and so on. This extremism is not good for China and China understands it well. So, the CPEC corridor will also ensure that people in Xinjiang province and Pakistan get jobs. Make some money. Do not get polarised toward extremism.

CPEC is killing two birds with one stone, rather say many birds with one stone.

Pakistan will strengthen its economy. Also, politicians will get extra mileage in elections by playing the development card. Overall it will make Pakistan strong against India. Once CPEC gets up and running in full swing, it will transform Pakistan’s trade and economy. It will connect China with South, Central and West Asia.

India’s Stand

CPEC passes through the disputed territory of Pakistan Occupied Kashmir (POK). India accuses China of denying sovereign claims of India on POK. As a result, India is not part of the OBOR initiative of China.

India wants China to make a statement on Pakistan claims over Kashmir. C Raja Mohan suggests India should settle the differences with China and become part of OBOR (Economic gains).

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Economically, it will open new opportunities for India. Now it is on India to decide to go for economic integration or political difference.

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